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Your Key To Creativity – The Projected Mind


To make new theories, new inventions, and other great creations, we have to do better than adjusting existing theories and designs. We must forcefully move our mind beyond the existing thinking about the subject. We must move out of our conscious world and focus our mind in a new place occupied only by the new creation.

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Choose Yourself

We’ve been conditioned to ask for direction; to ask for a plan; and ask for permission. But those ways no longer apply. Today that old behavior puts you at the front of the peloton in the great race to the bottom. The old ways are gone...

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The Middle Term Enigma


Short term is getting shorter, and long term is a thing of the past. We want it now; no time for new; it’s instant gratification for us, but only if it doesn’t take too long. A short time horizon drives minimization.

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Beyond Dead Reckoning

We’re afraid of technology development because it’s risky. And figuring out where to go is the risky part. To figure out where to go companies use several strategies..

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