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Unsafe Thinking – Be Nimble, Be Bold

Risk and failure are inherently uncomfortable for most people, but often risk is required in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and innovation. And far too frequently, people and companies take the conservative path in both their thinking and their actions. Recently I had the opportunity to interview Jonah Sachs, a Fast Company writer and author of the new book Unsafe Thinking: How to ...

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Building the Case for Successful Change

Charting Change Braden Kelley Quote

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Will Sherlin of 3PillarGlobal about my latest book Charting Change on The Innovation Engine podcast. In this conversation we focused on how to make change efforts stick within any organization. Among the topics we discuss are how non-software companies can still benefit from Agile methodologies, how to ...

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Why Only Adoption Matters

Recently I had an opportunity to interview Chris Laping, the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Red Robin restaurant chain about some of the challenges in achieving successful organizational change. Chris' is a voice that emerged from the darkness as I was creating the Change Planning Toolkit™and conducting the research for my latest book Charting Change and its focus on beating the 70% change failure rate.

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Up Close and Professional with Gap’s Kyle Hermans

The interesting thing about the dialogue I recently had with Kyle was well, only everything – starting with his customized title “Senior Director of Innovation Capacity and Organization Effectiveness” custom molded to fit Kyle’s extraordinary expertise. When asked to describe it – the words were so fluid it was abundantly clear this role is far more than a title but more a promise to pioneer new thinking.

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Turnaround Innovation: putting consumer experience at the core

When a Fortune 100 is faced with the harsh reality of record sales declines, and investors and analysts asking about the T-word…it is time for a Reboot. Whether spelled with a lowercase or capital “T”, turnarounds can make for rousing headlines and offer great opportunities for well-timed investments. Dean Debiase shares an interview that looks into a new approach to dynamic innovation, cultural transformation, digital engagement, and an in-store experience.

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