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Les 9 rôles d’innovation


Êtes-vous innovants ou non? Possédez-vous l'ADN de l'innovateur? Avez-vous une personnalité innovante? À chaque fois que je lis un article qui stipule que certaines personnes sont innovantes et d'autres ne le sont pas, je suis gêné. Je suis également gêné lorsque je lis que certains individus seraient plus innovants que d'autres.

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Los Nueve Papeles en la Innovación – Cinco Regalos Gratis


¿Eres innovador o no? ¿Posees el ADN de un innovador? ¿Qué hay de una personalidad innovadora? Me contraigo cada vez que veo un nuevo artículo tratando de decir básicamente que algunas personas son innovadoras y otras no, o que ciertos individuos son más innovadores que otros. Yo digo, ¡bazofia!

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Five Free Nine Innovation Roles Gifts


I increasingly cringe every time I see a new article talking about someone's innovator's DNA or innovation personality, or other similar lines of thinking or frameworks that insinuate that people are either innovative or not, or that some people are more innovative than others. It's just not true. I’m a firm believer that it’s not personalities that matter so much when it comes to innovation, it’s the roles that we play in making innovation happen (or not).

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Is 3D Pen a Novelty or an Innovation?


We came across the 3Doodler 3D Pen on CNN and after clicking over to its Kickstarter page, we have a question for you. Is this 3D Pen a novelty (a flash in the pan that is temporarily catching people's imagination) or an innovation, likely to persist in the arts and craft world as something that adds value to that universe?

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New Feature – Innovation or Not?


If you look at the Eight I's of Infinite Innovation, inspiration sits at the center of the infinity symbol and leads to investigation and the other six elements of the framework, and where does inspiration come from? We will be bringing you a series of potential inspirations to ponder as to whether they are innovations or not.

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My Top 10 Innovations of All Time


It is my contention that the pace of innovation accelerates when the speed of knowledge sharing accelerates, that knowledge acceleration leads to innovation acceleration. As we have developed more efficient ways of accelerating the pace of knowledge sharing, our pace of innovation has sped up.

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