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What Makes a Great Innovation Story?


Innovation Excellence is going to curate 100+ Innovation Stories this year, share them on our site, on our Cities Tour, at the Front and Back End of Innovation Conferences and beyond. We’re going to give them away with the hope that they’ll make a big impact in the world. Learn More on March 20, details ahead...

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Improvisation and Innovation Lessons from Prince


"To reach mastery in improvisation paradoxically requires intensive detailed preparation. What looks like a seamless performance is the result of many hours of preparation and Prince is meticulous in this respect. In business this has been referred to ‘the 10,000 hours effect’ by Tom Peters and, more recently, Malcolm Gladwell.

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Innovator as Storyteller


I've been catching up on some reading, and thinking about my own experiences working with customers who are trying to become more innovative. A pattern is beginning to emerge that has been sitting there in front of me for years, but is only now becoming clear.

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The Dan Plan


In his book Outliers Malcolm Gladwell shares a theory that if you practice something for 10,000 hours you become excellent at it. It’s something I’ve posted on before – the theory puts a number on the concept of grit, the amount of sheer perseverance needed to be truly successful at anything. And now someone has decided to put the theory ...

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