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Inside the Rivalry: IBM vs Google

Competition between Google and IBM is an unusual business rivalry because the two rarely compete in the same markets or for the same customers. In truth, it is a rivalry for technical rather than market dominance. Yet much like Apple vs. Microsoft, it's likely to determine much about how technology shapes our world.

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Inside Four Decades of Breakthroughs at IBM Research

American industry has a rich heritage of top-notch corporate labs. Bell Labs created not only the transistor, but also other fundamental breakthroughs, such as the laser and information theory. PARC, developed much of the technology we associate with modern computers, such as the mouse and the graphical user interface. Both labs have attained mythical status and rightly so. Yet IBM ...

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Dr. Feynman’s 6 Principles of Trendspotting

Is it possible to predict the future? Apparently, Richard Feynman could. He dreamed up some of the today’s most exciting technologies, like nanotech and quantum computing, decades ago. Moreover, these weren’t mere daydreams or flashes of inspiration; he foresaw how they would actually work, what problems would have to be overcome, etc.

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