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Content and Process

Bennington College

Which is more important to get right, content or process? Is it better to do the right thing or do things right? Well, there are plenty of times where one or the other is most important, but in the vast majority of cases you have to get both right or you will suffer.  This weekend I am visiting my son, ...

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The Diversity of University Tech Transfer Strategy

At the risk of stating the obvious, all universities are similar, but each one is different. Just when you think you’ve got a key piece of university tech transfer strategy figured out -- like peeling the proverbial onion -- you unearth another layer you haven’t even considered. (Actually, in this case, onions are much too stolid and predictable – maybe raking leaves on a windy day would be a better analogy.)

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Best US Universities for Innovation Transfer?

A university's ability to create and share innovative technology and know-how should be evaluated in a holistic way that includes both academic and commercial activities. In this article I compare the innovation transfer activities of U.S. research universities in a new, multi-faceted way: by counting and mapping universities according to their ability to...

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Global Innovation

Innovation is a global phenomenon, I have witnessed this on a daily basis for the past five years. My company MMC has a site http://www.urweb.tv that uses rich media to market promising technologies from Federal Laboratories, Universities and Emerging Companies.  We also have metrics so we know who comes and what they watch. They come from all four corners of ...

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Do Universities Matter for Innovation?

I’m probably going to get in trouble for this post because the answer to the title question is yes and no. I am employed by the University of Queensland which prides itself as being the most successful commercializer of research in Australia. However, I have never been convinced by the simple argument that universities matter because they produce groundbreaking research ...

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