Making Innovation Happen in the Downturn


What should innovation leaders do make things happen in times like this to? Let me present you with some ideas and hopefully you can add more advice on this in the following discussion. Here are eight quick tips: 1. Align With Executives You need to have a better alignment between the innovation strategy and the overall corporate strategy. One way ...

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A Healthclub for Innovators


Building a prototype of your innovation is a crucial link between conceiving the idea and commercializing it. A physical prototype helps you get immediate feedback from customers, designers, and financial backers as to the commercial viability of the project. It is a necessary step in the patent process. It is a pivotal point in the “GO vs. NO GO” decision, ...

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Book Review – "Innovation Tournaments"


A few weeks ago I received “Innovation Tournaments” by Christian Terwiesch and Karl T. Ulrich in the mail. “Innovation Tournaments” is a relatively short, easy, and pleasant read. This book is definitely one of my favorite innovation books to date as it covers concepts clearly and in an accessible way. Wharton professors Terwiesch and Ulrich have chosen to focus their ...

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Innovation Perspectives – Should Marketing or R&D lead?

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This is the fourth of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on “Where should innovation reside?” Here is the next perspective in the series: by Drew Boyd Who leads innovation in your company: marketing or R&D? It’s a trick question, of course. But it’s a useful question for Fortune 100 ...

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Unleash Your Inner Genius


Ten great ways to boost your personal creativity by Paul Sloane Let’s say you are wrestling with a tough issue – maybe at work, at home, with your children or in your social life. You have been stuck for a while and you can’t seem to make a breakthrough. You want to come up with some really creative ideas. What ...

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Why is Now Even More Elegant


FYI – Both Blogging Innovation and In Pursuit of Elegance can be found on Alltop’s Innovation category by Matthew E May If you’ve clued in to how best to use Twitter — which IMHO is as a broadcast channel more than anything else — you know that you have to troll the web for value-added “newscasts” for your growing audience. ...

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Need for Speed


The need for speed is something that all CEOs need to keep at the forefront of their minds. In the world of athletics there is widely accepted principle that states: “Speed Kills.” In most sporting events speed will prevail over strength, and often times speed will end-up being the deciding factor between victory and defeat. As important as speed is ...

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Innovation Perspectives – The Innovation Buck Stops Here

This is the second of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on “Where should innovation reside?” On the heels of Steven Todd’s kickoff, here is another perspective: by Jeffrey Phillips Braden Kelley has asked a number of us to respond to the question “Who owns innovation and where does it ...

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Do you know what this says?


A friend of mine has a very cool T-shirt business. To promote their products, they developed a set of interesting bumper stickers, including the one below. I like the design because it involves emblems from playing cards, reminding me of my Personality Poker product. So, what does this say? To answer the question, you have to stand on your head ...

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