Is Operational Excellence the Enemy?


OK I admit it. I’ve grown frustrated by the fact that a capability or insight that proves valuable to an organization – operational excellence – is also such a big impediment to innovation. It’s strange that something that in some regards is so good for an organization can also be so detrimental as well. How, you might ask, is a ...

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Why Edison Was Wrong

The other night I had an enlightening conversation with Alph Bingham, the co-founder of InnoCentive from Eli Lilly. This guy is fascinating! Alph suggested that many people do not like open innovation (external crowd sourcing) because it runs counter to a widely held belief of the R&D community. Researchers often throw around the Edison quote, “I have not failed 700 ...

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When Not to Use Focus Groups


I’m still a fan of focus groups. Yes, they’re mostly qualitative, and at best you’re capturing information from a handful of customers that may or may not be representative. But the richness of information, the multi-dimensional and behavioral feedback is unique to that environment. And with some products (trying on jackets, or testing perfume for example) sending an email survey ...

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Value versus Price

When 2008 came to a close, Nestle looked up and saw that revenues were up ten percent, fueled in part by higher prices. Procter & Gamble reports that its premium products are doing just fine, despite being priced 60 percent (Tide Total Care) or 70 percent (Clairol’s Perfect 10) higher than its base brands. Pepsi is stepping up support of ...

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Creating Innovation Metrics


Measuring innovation is where the rubber meets the road. While it’s very easy to wax eloquent about innovation, I’ve found that for most companies, measuring innovation is quite a tall order. Moreover, even for those organizations that do measure innovation, are they measuring the right metrics, for the right reasons? I’ve authored many previous posts on the topic of innovation, ...

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New Feature – 'Innovation Perspectives'


Thanks to an idea/request from Jeffrey Phillips of OVO Innovation, we are starting a regular monthly feature here on Blogging Innovation called Innovation Perspectives. The idea is to present our loyal readers with different perspectives on a single topic all in one place – from several different authors. This will give our innovation community the opportunity to compare, contrast and ...

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Innovation – Automated

“To avoid the fate of alchemists, it is time we asked where we stand. Now, before we invest more time and money on the information-processing level, we should ask whether the protocols of human subjects and the programs so far produced suggest that computer language is appropriate for analyzing human behavior: Is an exhaustive analysis of human reason into rule-governed ...

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Start Talking Nonsense

Though The Beatles “Abbey Road” album was recorded 40 years ago, I recently heard a program called “Pop Go the Beatles” about its creation. Told through stories and alternative takes of the album’s classic songs, it was so inspiring it spawned posts for today, Wednesday, and Friday this week. During an early recording of “Something,” George Harrison hadn’t finished the ...

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The Blogging Innovation Mantra


Blogging Innovation exists for one main purpose, or mantra if you will: “To make innovation and marketing insights accessible” In July and August we have added more than a dozen contributing authors including: Rowan Gibson, Stephen Shapiro, Kevin Roberts, Matthew E May, Drew Boyd, Hutch Carpenter, Paul Sloane, Matt Heinz, Mike Brown, Steve McKee, Mike Myatt, Jeffrey Phillips, and Stefan ...

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Open Innovation Lessons From P & G

As you start the evolutionary process of adopting open innovation to your organization, always remember that open innovation is just a tool, not a goal. The goal is to grow your company and make a profit. Some companies might also have the goal of changing the world to a better place. Understand that open innovation is only a piece of ...

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