Book Review – “Inside Project Red Stripe”


“Inside Project Red Stripe – Incubating Innovation and Teamwork at the Economist”by Andrew CareyPublished by Triarchy Press I’ve been reading the innovation tome “Inside Project Red Stripe” off and on for some time now and I must say that it is unlike any other book on innovation that I have read to date. Instead of espousing a single innovation theory ...

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Why can’t we grow new energy?

Here is another very interesting video from Juan Enriquez, futurist, speaking at TED 18 months ago. The topic of this one is agriculture and energy, and whether or not we can approach hydrocarbons with biology instead of brute force in the same way that we have innovated in agriculture over the years, and as a result drive efficiency. Check it ...

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Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo Evolutis

Here is an interesting video of Juan Enriquez, Futurist, speaking about some of the startling things he sees in our future as innovations in robotics and the life sciences collide with our country’s current financial situation. Will our current innovation trajectory create a new hominid species capable of controlling its own evolution? Check it out: What do you think? @innovate

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Is Electrolyzed Water a Cleaning Innovation?

Add salt to water, scramble its ions with a jolt of electricity, and what do you have? Apparently a quite versatile cleaning solution. One that Russia and Japan have been using for over a decade. Can such a simple cleaner get the job done and save the environment at the same time? Check out the video and go here for ...

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Social Innovation Camp II

I love to support causes like Social Innovation Camp by doing what I can to help raise their visibility. Social Innovation Camp is an organization in the United Kingdom that selects and brings together social entrepreneurs with ideas to help the participants for an intense 48 hours to help move their ideas forward into web application prototypes. Check out the ...

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Chocolate Milk Follow-Up


I got excited when I saw Alpenrose Swiss Supreme chocolate milk in The Creamery at Pike’s Place Market the other day in Seattle. But, I was disappointed to find out that it still has carageenan (although farther down the ingredient list), AND it also has salt and artificial flavor in it. Carageenan is a nasty thickener whose safety as a ...

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Email is Still the King of Social Media


A new study is out from ShareThis that shows that when users go to share a web page, they still do so most often by e-mail (57.1%). I would have thought it was something other than e-mail by now, but it’s not. Facebook was the #2 sharing method via ShareThis at 21.2%, while Twitter only made up 0.50% of the ...

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Arthur Benjamin and his Amazing Mathemagic

Here is an interesting video of mathemagician Arthur Benjamin races a team of calculators to figure out 3-digit squares, solves another massive mental equation and guesses a few birthdays. He tries to show you how he does it at the end, but I still can’t imagine being capable of replicating the amazing feats he pulls off. You have to check ...

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