Invention or Innovation? – 300 MPG Car


Engadget has an article on a 300 MPG car that Aptera is now beginning to accept pre-orders for. Apparently, they intend to deliver it in twelve months. I would contend that this automobile is an invention not an innovation, because there are already hybrid cars in the marketplace and this automobile will likely prove more useful than valuable. I believe ...

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Widget Way to Innovation


The online world is changing, are you ready to change with it? The web is all about trying to drive as many visitors to your site as possible and then “converting” them once they arrive. The only problem is that every site has the same goal. As a result, sites are reluctant to do anything that might reduce the length ...

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Why Record Companies are Afraid


It must be incredibly stressful to be a record company executive these days. The record companies have had immense control over their environment the several decades of their existence, sitting at the top of the mountain, but now they look down and a plethora of new challengers that have nearly reached the summit. The most notable challenger, the one that ...

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Innovative Software That Writes Itself

According to an article in the now defunct Business 2.0 magazine, Charles Simonyi of Microsoft Word and Excel fame, has begun a startup designed to sell innovative software that writes software. The company is focused on helping organizations reduce the financial impact of software errors (estimated to cost U.S. companies $60 billion a year). What’s next toast that butters itself? ...

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Green Innovation from the Inside Out

Adam Werbach used to rail against Wal-Mart when he was the president of the Sierra Club, but now they are his biggest client. Has Adam Werbach sold out by putting his heart and soul into helping the retail giant find ways to be more green? Fast Company has a nice article examining this change in strategic direction for Adam Werbach, ...

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Look at Me! I’m Drinking Water!

I came across an article in BusinessWeek exploring the pending launch of a new bottled water from the Amazon rainforest called Equa. It’s hard to read the story and not roll your eyes. Trucking water halfway across the planet is not exactly good for the environment. When did water become a luxury or aspirational beverage? It is true that people ...

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A Strategic Position – Wal-mart and Banking

There was another article in the Seattle Times today about retailers and their desire to move into banking. The article profiled Home Depot and its quest to enter the banking industry, while mentioning the backlash Wal-mart received when they initiated similar moves. What is it that is so provocative about retailers entering the retail banking business? From a consumer perspective, ...

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Is the Post-a-Phone an Innovation?


I came across an article on Engadget about a phone that is so flat you could mail it. Sure it is only a concept at present, but with my direct marketing hat on I thought at first that it seemed like a cool idea. I started to imagine it as a fun way to announce new support hours or some ...

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Congestion-based Air Travel Pricing

In the United States I think sometimes we place a little too much faith in the laws of supply and demand and too little in the ability of the government to help make our lives better. We as consumers are not very good at imagining the externalities that are not present in the monetary cost of something, but are always ...

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Nokia acquires Navteq – Foolish or Strategic?

Nokia announced a $12 Billion acquisition of map provider Navteq yesterday. Only time will tell if this acquisition will prove to be the next Skype (where eBay overpaid and had to write down the value of Skype) or the next MySpace (which looks to be a bargain at $580 million). My question is this: Does Nokia need to own Navteq? ...

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