Magazine Time Shares

I came across an interesting online/offline service called MagHound yesterday that probably falls into the category of useful but not valuable. Translation – While it may be a good idea, it is likely to fail to make money. Why do I think it will fail? Here are ten reasons: Do enough people really want to try lots of different magazines ...

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Floating Storage

I came across an interesting article highlighting that the global power consumption of the data centers comprising the Internet consumed 1 percent of the world’s electricity in 2005. The growth in broadband and multimedia usage would put the 2008 number closer to 2-3% of the total by my estimation. According to McKinsey, the carbon footprint of the Internet will be ...

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Less is More

I came across an InfoWorld article the other day that warmed my heart. For far too long, especially on the PC, software developers have been building applications with a feature arms race mentality. Because of rapidly expanding memory and hard disk space on customers’ machines, developers have not had to write tight code in the same way they had to ...

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Ask the Consultant – Question #1

Brian Shields poses the following: “Can you post/comment on what you think it will take to “fix” General Motors (GM)? I would very much appreciate your views on the subject.” Well, Brian, here you go: GM has an extremely difficult challenge ahead, and continuing to follow Toyota will not get them out of the pickle they are in. GM lost ...

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The World is Not Flat – Now What?

With rising fuel costs and inflation continuing to run in double digits in countries like India and China, the falling dollar, and rising oil prices pushing up transportation costs, is the world really flat as Thomas L. Friedman claimed in 2005? With the cost of shipping a container from China to the USA nearly tripling by some reports from $3,000 ...

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Follow-up: Other People’s Money

Just came across a Seattle Times article talking about how Microsoft is going to produce digital short films for Xbox Live. Buried in the article in a single sentence was the following: “The pilots will also be distributed over MSN and Zune.” So, Microsoft is halfway home by starting to produce content that people might find interesting. Now they should ...

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False Advertising?


I came across an interesting web site the other day that made me wonder if someone shouldn’t start a class action lawsuit against the fast food companies for false advertising. How many times a day are people snookered into going into McDonalds or Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken by an enticing food picture, only to receive a microwaved, smashed ...

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Other People’s Money


As Google’s share of the search business approaches 70%, Microsoft is left needing a bold move to remain relevant. While Live Search is a good product, Cashback will not save them from the Google monster. Let’s look at the problem that they are trying to solve. Or rather, let’s look at what Microsoft is trying to achieve in the search ...

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Will Big Name Animation Talent Succeed on the Web?


Recently announced was a deal for Google to syndicate a web-only series of content by Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, via its AdSense network. The hope is that the content will be attractive to advertisers as will its syndication to a targeted set of thousands of web sites where Mr. McFarlane’s target audience (typically young men) tend to gather. ...

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