My Experience with Cisco TelePresence


I had the opportunity to experience a conference today using Cisco’s TelePresence to connect four locations (New York, New Jersey, Seattle, and Silicon Valley) and Cisco’s WebEx to connect scores more people on the internet. It was supposed to be five physical locations, but London got ten inches of snow overnight and so they did not join. The conference ran ...

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Tomorrow – Bright Idea Birds of a Feather 2.0 – Innovation Conference


Tomorrow I will be lucky enough to attend an international innovation conference via Cisco’s TelePresence solution. Brightidea, the software provider behind the successful Cisco I-Prize, is sponsoring the conference with Cisco tomorrow, February 2, 2009. This Innovation Birds of a Feather conference will bring together innovation leaders both online and via Cisco TelePresence locations in Seattle, London, Silicon Valley, New ...

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Want to fly with the birds?

If you’ve ever wanted to soar like a bird, check out these guys in Norway jumping from cliffs in wingsuits and doing just that: wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo. Are these guys crazy or living life to the fullest? What do you think? @innovate

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The War for Talent Escalating

Here is an interesting video on how China has started advertising on Silicon Valley billboards to attract tech talent from Silicon Valley back to China. America used to be the top magnet for tech talent in the world, but now risks losing that mantle as other countries develop. Will American companies be able to find a way to stop the ...

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Clearwire/Sprint Followup


I came across an article today about Sprint offering a 3G/4G USB Modem for $149 with a $79.99 per month contract. This USB modem will automatically switch between Sprint’s 3G network and Clearwire’s 4G WiMax network when it is available (which is currently only in parts of Baltimore). It is a great step forward for Sprint/Clearwire that will make the ...

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Get on the Bus to Flexibility


Snow in Seattle today. It will be interesting to see how many of my current clients make it to their office today. I for one am taking the bus and despite it being a bendy bus, it looks like it will manage to make it downtown. It had to go out and around a jack-knifed bus to make it up ...

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My Hopes and Fears of the Black Swan


Last week I came across an interview with Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan.” Mr. Taleb went on to talk briefly about the main thesis of the book – that every so often events come along that change our vocabulary and our way of thinking about the world around us. The example given, related to the title of the ...

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Will Clearwire survive until its market appears?


Clearwire recently completed the acquisition of Sprint’s WiMax assets. Sprint’s assets merge together with Clearwire’s original WiMax assets to create the nation’s largest WiMax operator. I hate to beat up a local business, but Clearwire/Sprint represents a perfect case study of the perils of: 1) Letting ego drive strategy instead of market fundamentals2) Launching into the marketplace too soon Clearwire ...

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Missing Mobile Innovation


I came across an interesting article about mobile television takeup. Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T have all tried to launch mobile TV in the United States, but with takeup at only 1% of cell users it’s pretty easy to say that mobile TV has failed to prove itself to be an innovation. Sure people might find it to be a useful ...

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