A Mobile Dining Innovation


          VS.           OK, there aren’t too many food concepts that I would call innovative, but here is one: It’s a business that is starting up here in Seattle called Skillet Street Food. It’s concept is that it retrofits Airstreams into working, mobile kitchens that serve “evolved cuisine” during breakfast and lunch at locations that change day-to-day. But not day-to-day in the ...

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Why MyStarbucksIdea is a Bad Idea


Today we will examine Starbucks’ open innovation attempt – MyStarbucksIdea. You may have come across it already, but it is worth examining because it represents one of the largest open innovation efforts to date, and it is the first I have seen built on a customized salesforce.com platform. Some might say it is just a fancy suggestion box and not ...

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Uncrossing the Wires – Can Clearwire be Fixed?


Clearwire is the first major WiMax broadband service offering. The company initially launched with fixed-line replacement broadband for people’s homes or offices. This puts them into direct competition with cable and DSL providers. Let’s look at the landscape to see how Clearwire stacks up: Provider Plan Name Price Speed Term Clearwire ClearPremium Choice $26.99 1.5 Mbps 2 yrs Clearwire ClearPremium ...

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The Trouble with Tully’s


Running at “half-caff” in a caffeinated world. In the first of a series of “From the Outside Looking In” articles I will give my take on how I would address challenges that different companies face. For those of you not from Seattle or familiar with Tully’s, it is a regional coffee chain based in Seattle. It probably has the distinction ...

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Hot Spots of the Valley

Curious where some of the big deals have gotten done in Silicon Valley? For a bit of Friday fun, check out this video: Of course you won’t get a deal by just hanging out in these places, but if you slip your one-pager into the menus, who knows. 😉

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Second Unnovation Award Winner – HP and Costco


I’m in the middle of trying to buy an HP Pavillion dv6700t Special Edition. I tried to buy it from Costco because you can configure it at costco.com for about 10% less than buying through HP directly. Days passed, the promised ship date passed and an e-mail arrived saying that the wireless mouse I had “ordered” was out of stock. ...

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Facebook will Rule the World

I was looking at blog publishing alternatives yesterday to see what new developments are available, and after a stop at Twitter that led me to Facebook, I had an epiphany. Facebook is going to rule the online world, and here is why: Before the invention of the automobile, towns were built around town squares or high streets. Town squares were ...

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A Laptop Innovation We All Need

Intel and AMD are making processors faster, ATI and nVidia continue to accelerate graphics and video, while faster memory and buses underpin both. Meanwhile, hard disks are spinning a bit faster, but getting bigger at the same time. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like hard disk access speed continues to be the bottleneck. So can our laptops really ...

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You Cannot Always Invent Your Way to Innovation

I’d like to start today with a quote from a NASA article in Fast Company – “But sometimes the better part of innovation, is not invention but effectiveness.” I’ve detailed my views before on how invention is not the same thing as innovation, but to build upon them and the quote above – sometimes progress or innovation is achieved by ...

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