Special Event Coverage Tomorrow – “Innovation in Tough Times”

by Braden Kelley

Hello all,

Tomorrow I have been invited to attend the $199 UTEK webinar on “Innovation in Tough Times” and I will bring you the key insights from Gary Hamel, Tim Jones, Regina Lewis following the event.

“Renowned business strategist Professor Gary Hamel will present the inaugural topic, “Innovation in Tough Times,” on Tuesday, February 17th, at 1:00 PM EST. Gary Hamel has been called the world’s most influential business thinker by the Wall Street Journal, and his latest book, The Future of Management, was published by the Harvard Business School Press in October 2007 and was selected by Amazon.com as the best business book of the year. Gary Hamel was a founder of Strategos, which was acquired by UTEK in 2008.

Tim Jones, Ph.D., author of Innovating at the Edge, (published by Butterworth Heinemann) and Managing Director of Innovaro, a division of UTEK, will discuss the future catalysts of innovation.

Regina Lewis, Ph.D., Vice President of Consumer Insights for InterContinental Hotels Group, will wrap up this informative webinar with her discussion on the impact of adopting an innovation strategy and its benefits to InterContinental Hotels.”

There is still time to register for the event here.

Anything in particular you are curious about should I have the opportunity to ask questions?


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