World Innovation Forum 2009

by Braden Kelley

The World Innovation Forum will take place May 5-6, 2009 in New York City.

May 1, 2009 is the last day of the $410 discount.

I will be a featured blogger at the event, and as a special service to my loyal readers I have negotiated an extra $200 discount when you register using the discount code – INNOVATE.

Speakers will include:

  • CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN & Disruptive Innovation
    • World-renowned for his work on innovation and disruption, sought-after consultant and best-selling author

  • VIJAY GOVINDARAJAN & Innovation in a Global World
    • One of the world’s leading experts on strategy and innovation

  • FRED KRUPP & Eco-Innovation
    • President of the Environmental Defense Fund

  • DAN ARIELY & Predictably Irrational
    • Behavioral economist and best-selling author

  • CK PRAHALAD & The New Age of Innovation
    • One of the world’s most recognized thinkers on strategy and author of the bestseller, Competing for the Future

  • PAUL SAFFO & Future & Technology
    • Stanford University Professor, Technology Futurist and Forecaster.
    • Founding Chairman of the Samsung Science Board

Here is a video from one of the speakers, Clayton Christensen, on why some people are more innovative than others:

In addition to blogging and vlogging at the event I am looking to set up interviews with corporate innovators for a new feature called “Innovation Interviews” that will launch on our revised site in April.

If you will be attending the conference, occupy an innovation role within a company and would be willing to be interviewed, please contact me to set up an interview.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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