Monthly Archives: December 2011

Innovator Profile – Justin Ruthenbeck

Here is a video I found on Intuit's web site of an interview conducted by Jan Bosch. Jan Bosch was a VP of Engineering Process for Intuit and started their Open Innovation efforts before moving on to academic roles at Chalmers University of Technology and also at the University of Groningen in Sweden. In this video, we meet Intuit Innovator Justin Ruthenbeck.

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MICHAEL PORTER on Strategic Innovation – Creating Tomorrow's Advantages

An Innovation Excellence Classic: From an interview with Rowan Gibson AS WE ENTER the twenty-first century, there is a pressing need for clear strategies. Because unless companies have a clear vision about how they are going to be distinctly different and unique, offering something different than their rivals to some different group of customers, they are going to get eaten alive by the intensity of competition.

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