Mobile A Must for Innovation

by Simon Hill

image credit: joyreactor.comWhere do you think employees get their creative ideas? As much as we’d like to think our offices are inspiring places, especially start-ups who put the effort in to include a pool table or a fridge full of Red Bull, most people just aren’t inspired with ideas at the workplace.

It becomes important for companies who wish to manage ideas to create a way employees can submit ideas that not only works well with their business, but also works with when people are most creative.

A British company, 2e2, found that only 29% of employees cited the office or boardroom as the place where they feel most creative. And anyone who’s ever tried and failed to get a good night sleep knows that sometimes ideas come at times when we’re trying to shut our brains off, which might be due to the connections between creativity and sleep.

In fact, there’s an entire section on Wikipedia devoted to the connections between creativity and sleep! Whether employees find their ideas just as they’re drifting off or at the pub, a truly robust idea management system has to be able to connect with it’s users on mobile platforms in order to give their employees the chance and the space to save their ideas before they get lost in dreams and conversation.

Even if your platform doesn’t necessarily need an app, responsible design is important and will allow a platform to be seen on multiple devices. Our idea management platform at Wazoku, Idea Spotlight, utilises responsive design in order to make our innovation management solution work on multiple mobile platforms.

Instead of getting ideas, and with 65% of Americans sleeping right next to their cell phones, we don’t doubt the numbers for Brits aren’t far behind. It’s become far easier for people to access their phone to take a note or remember something than a piece of paper.

Many companies choose not to do an app for multiple reasons. Either they want to focus on their core product or there just isn’t much need for one, those companies that don’t wish to focus on an app should consider and embrace the power of responsive design, especially for idea management platforms.

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Simon Hill is CEO and co-founder of Wazoku, an idea software company; an Associate Director with the Venture Capital Firm FindInvestGrow; and an active member of the London technology and entrepreneurial community.

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  1. This article is a very good example of the state of the work place in as far as creative thinking goes. Now, instead of this, what happens when employees and other personnel have the kind training in creativity that I offer that they can become creative anywhere, anytime. That increases productivity, saves time, cuts costs, raises morale and in the end, makes that company more competitive.

    That’s what I’m finding very interesting here as I get a deeper look at the innovation industry – a swiss cheese environment where numerous band-aids are being used to patch the holes that exist in the corporate culture’s knowledge of how to be creatively innovative in a way that’s the difference between a flashlight and a laser beam.

    Using a cell phone to take notes instead of pen and paper? Really? First of all, regardless of what people do, they shouldn’t be sleeping with a cell phone next to their heads in the first place. Unnecessary exposure to cell phone radiation isn’t a good thing. Secondly, I’d like to time two sets of people, almost asleep and awakened, just relaxing in bed, and awakening from a deep sleep, with one set using their cell phone and the other using pen and paper kept by their bed, and see who gets their ideas down faster and more accurately when viewed later. $20 says the pen and paper group wins.

    Any takers? Caution. These kinds of bets I usually win. Ask Stephen Hawking…

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