Monthly Archives: August 2015

Is Gamification Right for Your Company?

If you’ve ever received a lollipop after an unpleasant visit to the doctor, or received a gold star in Kindergarten for good behavior, then you’re already familiar with the concept of gamification. On its face, it can be considered complex and unapproachable, but in fact, its basic premise has been around longer than we think.

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Six Essentials to Cultivating an Innovation Culture

A decade ago, I was invited to coach a group of Nokia’s fast-rising superstars. Thirty-five “high potential” managers flew in to Palo Alto, California to network, sample local wines, and focus on innovation. At the time, Nokia seemed unstoppable. Growth was in the double digits. “The company sells five phones every second,” gushed Fast Company in a profile.

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Why I Moved to Vegas, and What It Can Teach Us About Innovation

I've fallen in love with living in Las Vegas, but most people think I'm crazy to move here. I may well be, but in my defense, there is a huge difference between the Vegas I know, and the Vegas that automatically springs to most peoples minds. This disconnect between what most people think Vegas is, and how I think of it illustrates two really important biases that can impact innovation, and business productivity as a whole. One is the confirmation bias, the other is the illusion of understanding.

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