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The Eco Lux Trend – Is Your Brand Missing Out?

Like it or lump it, the “eco” market is not going anywhere. 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands (Bain & Company). Despite global economic instability, last year the luxury market grew by 5% to an estimated €1.2 trillion globally (Bain). And Europe regained its place as the top region for luxury sales ...

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Top 6 Reasons Why Customer Experience Mapping Efforts Fail

Before we can talk about how to improve customer experience maps, let’s start with a definition. Customer Experience Map: A large, colorful chart that impresses leadership for a few weeks and then gathers dust in the corner. A complex visualization that requires a user manual in order to identify anything productive. A user-centered process that, once completed, leaves teams too exhausted ...

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Eleven Essential Behavioral Science Books for Innovators

No matter how great an innovation is, it is only useful if people notice it, understand it, desire it, acquire it and use (and reuse) it. To achieve this, we need to understand human perception, motivations, decision making and ultimately, influence behavior. Below, in no particular order, are my favorite eleven books that have taught me about human behavior. Why ...

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We Are Pushing Away From the Old Innovating Core

I continue to investigate and explore as much of the thought leadership on innovation as I can, it continually points to a change in how we approach innovation. Delivering this changing message becomes simply a cause in itself as so many are failing to recognize it as radically different from their past innovation management. We do stand on the cusp ...

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8 Reasons Why Today Will Be an Awesome Day

The Case for Dual Innovation

“It may not feel like it at times, but you live in the most fortunate sliver of humanity.” If you’re reading this, then You actually woke up this morning with a heartbeat; 150,000 people never will again. You have clean water to make a cup of coffee or tea, and a toilet to flush; nearly a billion people don’t. You ...

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Is It Time To Rethink The Scientific Method?

Designing an airplane has long been an exercise in tradeoffs. A larger airplane with more powerful engines can hold more people and go farther, but is costlier to run. A smaller one is more cost efficient, but lacks capacity. For decades, these have been nearly inviolable constraints that manufacturers just had to live with. Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner is different. ...

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Can we fix our broken economy with a guaranteed income?

Automation, robotics, displaced workers, outsourcing, offshoring, near-shoring, smartsourcing… These are all words that strike fear into the ordinary working man and woman, American, or otherwise… Now comes a new set of words from the intelligentsia promising to fix it all for the common person, phrases like “guaranteed income” and “universal income” have emerged into the conversation. But can schemes like ...

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What is a Google Design Sprint?

Google Design Sprint

Five days for an innovation journey: is it speed or haste? Using the three basic premises of Design Thinking – Immersion, Ideation and Prototyping – and leveraging the creation of a multidisciplinary environment, Design Sprint is emerging as new way for accelerated innovation, where speed and innovation go hand in hand. Design Sprint is a smart track for fast experimentation: ...

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Lines of Innovation – Part II

Lines of Innovation – Part II In a previous article (Lines of Innovation – Part I) I wrote about the importance of lines in thinking about innovation.  In this sequel, I will focus on additional examples where lines provide insight into the challenge of driving innovation.  A common theme of this article is the importance of the abstract and the ...

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