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Seven Inside Threats Lethal to Your Business

Most successful business don’t die because of outside forces as much as they do because of these 7 threats from the inside! You’ve paid dearly to start and grow your business; the steep tuition of success that only an entrepreneur will ever understand. So, you would never do anything to sabotage your businesses, right? Well, not intentionally. But in my ...

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Digital Biopharma: Is it safe, effective and cost-effective?

Digital health has converged with biopharma. It has happened because digital health technologies are making it easier for biopharmaceutical companies to discover, develop and launch new drugs faster and cheaper and improve the patient and doctor experience, in what is being labeled “after the pill”, U.S. regulators have approved the first digital pill with an embedded sensor to track if patients ...

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Thought Commerce™ – 3 Ways to Recognize It; Why You Should Care

Thought Commerce

“Thought.” Thought is epically powerful and hugely important. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and before them, Napoleon Hill – all motivational rock stars – consistently drill into their audiences that NOTHING becomes a reality until or after it’s first a thought. Another variation on this idea is, “If you cannot conceive it, you cannot achieve it.” Both those expressions can seem ...

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Why do so many digital transformations fail?

According to a McKinsey and Company article cited in CIO magazine more than 70% of corporate digital transformations fail. On paper it’s an equal playing field. The failing entities have the same technology as everyone else, certainly are drowning in very big data sets, and assuredly have a large number of very bright professionals eager for purposeful tasks. So why ...

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Innovation in the Caucasus – Part III – Azerbaijan

This is the third and final article in a three-part series that focuses on innovation in the three countries of the Caucasus – Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.  This article begins with an examination of innovation in Azerbaijan and provides a conclusion to the series. Azerbaijan The name Azerbaijan means land of fire, derived from the Persian word for fire – ...

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How to Destroy Your Innovation Silos

Sick care badly needs innovation if it is to become healthcare . Yet, it’s questionable whether it can be fixed from inside. Despite the popularity of open innovation and community based, participatory innovation networks, healthcare organizations and doctors seem to shun outside ideas and collaboration and are perceived as arrogant know-it-alls, stuck in the ivory tower or healthcare city , ...

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