Welcome to Innovation Resorts

by Arlen Meyers

Welcome to Innovation Resorts

Dear Innovator,

On behalf of the staff at Innovation Resorts, welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay and please do not hesitate to contact us via our app if you need anything. Our model is a cross between Canyon Ranch and Techstars and our mission is to help you get your ideas to customers in a supportive and healthy environment. Thinks of us as chicken soup for founders.

Allow me to acquaint you with our activities to make your stay as productive and enjoyable as possible:

Unlimited high speed WIFI any where on campus from 8am -7pm. We have intentionally limited access to allow you to decompress and take advantage of the down time to refresh and activate your dormant creativity

Diet, exercise and relaxation sessions each morning from 6am-8am. Don’t even think of checking your cell phone for messages during this time and please obey the cell free zone signs.

Daily sessions with your executive coach and therapist. Please use our app to schedule sessions each day to assess and monitor your progress

Unlimited use of our Innovation Labs to develop your product and business model ideas with our leadership and business development coaches

Friday night idea orgies where your idea can have sex with someone else’s idea

Admission to our Inovators Club where you will have access to mentors, our dating app to connect to other innovation stakeholders and in kind services from our sponsor.

Please note that our life guards are angel investors, private equity professionals and family office representatives. Since these folks are so hard to indentify in the real world, we have made it easy to identify them. They are wearing green shirts with a dollar sign on their back. Seed stage and angel investors are at the deep end. Series A and institutional investors are at the more shallow end. There is a rescue fee included in your daily charge.

Free admission to our Innovation Monopoly simulation competition. The winners get an all expense paid trip to another Innovation Resort scaleup location of your choice

Come to our daily Meet Your Customer sessions where you can do customer discover interviews to test your business model canvas hypotheses

Registration in our Office Cube of the Future competition.

Our on site infirmary should you need some relief from startup funding pain.

A full spouse program . Contact our concierge desk at x3564 for details and reservation

A personal crying room for the length of your stay.

Once again, welcome to Innovation Resorts. Good Luck with your venture.

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Arlen MyersArlen Meyers, MD, MBA is the President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs at www.sopenet.org

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