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The Challenges of Innovation

Innovation. It’s a good idea, right? In fact, it’s a great idea. If it delivers value. Hands up who’s seen those pet projects – weeks, months, years of beard-scratching over a concept. A concept that no one completely understands, and no one seems accountable for. So why is it that innovation so often goes nowhere? Why does so much time, ...

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Five Foundations for Building a Culture of Innovation

If you are trying to transform an organisation which is sluggish and risk averse into one which is innovative and entrepreneurial then you have taken on a massive task. One approach is to use the Prosci ADKAR Change Management methodology as advocated by Jeffrey Hiatt and Tim Creasey. It consists of five key stages. 1. Awareness.  It is critical for ...

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Why Most Companies are Just “Flailing Faster” and What to Do About It

Over 25 million copies of the late Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, have been sold. It remains a best-seller three decades after it was first published (1989). The second habit of highly effective people is to “begin with the end in mind.” That simple insight has probably done more to increase national productivity than many ...

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Why Failure is an Innovation Aphrodisiac to Some

If you stick around innovation long enough you’ll probably come to believe that we are all dead-enders. After all, what group of people could willingly embrace as much failure with such a positive attitude? Failure, you’ll be reminded, is necessary for innovation. I like to quote the saying that my ski instructor told me years ago – “if you aren’t ...

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These 3 Cognitive Biases Can Kill Innovation

Probably the biggest myth about innovation is that it’s about ideas. It’s not. It’s about solving problems. The truth is that nobody cares about what ideas you have, they care about the problems you can solve for them. So don’t worry about coming up with a brilliant idea. If you find a meaningful problem, the ideas will come. The problem ...

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Innovation is Not Supposed to be Fun

innovation isn't supposed to be fun

Gary Pisano, a Harvard Business School Professor, wrote an excellent article in HBR last year on the hard realities of what innovative company cultures actually look like, which I highly recommend every aspiring innovator to read. The bottom line? The inspiring and comfortable attributes, such as freedom, low hierarchy, and tolerance for failure that are associated with innovative company cultures are universally appreciated, accepted, ...

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