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To Innovate, Think Differently

By looking at innovation in a collaborative sense, we can harness a new way to stoke ideas, creativity and innovation. A greater percentage of our capacity for innovation comes from the environment and people around us. By bringing in people who think differently than we do, we’re instantly creating a greater ability to think differently.

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Innovation Strategy and the Collaborative Brain

We know there are differences in the ways that individuals solve problems, communicate, and ideate. We also know that neural pathways are being created and stimulated while we’re doing these things. Now, from the journal Scientific American, we understand that greater collaboration is more than just smart business – it’s built into our genetic makeup. The business case has begun ...

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The Power of Cognitive Diversity on Innovation

As an often indefinable output, innovation can be difficult to accurately measure and even more difficult to reliably produce. What constitutes innovation at one organization may simply be called production at another. Where, in one sense, innovation is new ideas and development, in another innovation may be research or process setup. What is clear though is that despite advancements in ...

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