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How Scalable is Your Human-Centered Innovation Strategy?

This blog post was written in concert with my colleague and Senior Director, Business Development, Gongos, Inc. Crystle Uyeda. The adage “if you build it, they will come” is an outdated relic in the world of business. Yet, with the rise of human-centered design, design thinking, and similar frameworks that preach a focus on user needs to guide innovation and ...

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Design Thinking and the Customer-Centric Organization

“There’s a reason millions of people try to solve crossword puzzles each day. Amid the well-ordered combat between a puzzler’s mind and the blank boxes waiting to be filled, there is satisfaction along with frustration. Puzzles can be solved; they have answers.” “But a mystery offers no such comfort. It poses a question that has no definitive answer…it depends on ...

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