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A Word About Assumptions: Part One

Reality is basically a series of assumptions we make about the world around us. Most of those assumptions are safe and sensible. Indeed, if you were to question every assumption all day long, you'd soon go mad. However, some assumptions are not reliable, either because they are based on misunderstandings or because the bases of those assumptions have changed. For instance..

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Feeling the Creative Sizzle

There's a saying in marketing, "It's not the steak, it's the sizzle." In other words, people do not really buy a product. Rather, they buy the emotions and feelings associated with the product. Steak is not bought because it's a chunk of beef. But, because if it is well cooked, it will taste delicious (if you are not a vegetarian, anyway!)

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The State of Business Innovation Today

Let's face it. Innovation has been over-hyped these past few years, forcing CEOs to proclaim it was and may still be critical to their companies. Middle managers have been assigned to be innovation managers and to innovate or else face the consequences. Idea management software has been bought, brains have been stormed dry and consultants of dubious nature have sold useless innovation advice..

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