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Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Lately I've met with a number of potential clients who are frustrated that their innovation efforts aren't creating a bigger splash in the market. It can be difficult to identify the limiting factor in any new product or service. Perhaps the customer need wasn't as strong as we anticipated..

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What Is Your Why?

Many corporate drones go to work for living and then participate in all kinds of interesting, engaging activities where their passions lie outside of work. Isn't it ironic that at the peak of the knowledge work shift, many people have little engagement or participation in their work?

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Christopher Columbus as a Model for Innovators

Most understand that innovation isn't an activity or a project, but few understand the amount of investment, work and change management required to sustain innovation beyond an initial attempt. In this way I think we can look to the past for figures who represent the challenges and opportunities that are presented to innovators. Perhaps no figure represents the highs and lows of innovation like Christopher Columbus.

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