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Kicking Off Innovation Transformation – The Charter Statement

The Charter Statement is the single most important tool to ensure an effective kick-off for enterprise innovation, or any complex transformation initiative. No wonder many innovation initiatives fail to deliver.  In my enterprise transformation work for 25 years, the Charter Statement is an exception and not the rule despite analogs for Six Sigma, Lean, CRM and ERP. The Charter Statement ...

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Picking Up Where Obama Left Off

“The first step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation.” So stated our President Barack Obama during last week’s State of the Union Address. But more important was what he did not say: How can organizations, enterprises and communities that are in shock facing our new normal economy, begin to reinvent the very essence of our economic and social ...

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Trust is Everything in Innovation

How relevant is Trust in enterprise innovation? Let’s piece together an answer with the help of some field research. Three of five executives at this year’s Front End of Innovation Summit in Boston shared one reason for attending: “I am looking for ways to create a culture of innovation…we are just not there yet!” Eli Lilly’s CEO John Lechleiter recently ...

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