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Holiday 3.0: from Smartphones to Showrooming

The countdown to the Holidays is underway. So wouldn't it be SMART to have added, innovation related insights about this Holiday and shopping...complete with emerging gift choices for Smartphone fans? See IX's global innovation correspondent and Business 3.0 expert, Patrick Meyer's latest episode on "Holiday 3.0: From Smartphones to Showrooming".

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Pet Innovation – Think iTunes For Your 4-Legged Friends

Pet Innovation...Think iTunes For Your 4-Legged Friends. Dog, cat lover, horse lover! Innovation has no preference. PatrickTV shares a look at a new form of innovation that makes pets all around the world purr while also giving you the insights and approach behind it all.It is called Pet Acoustics and it fuses music and then animal expertise with audio technology that changes how pets hear the world. Then it is all coupled with mobile apps, social media, e-commerce and passionate pet lovers sharing it again and again. Check-out PatrickTV's "Pet Innovation" because you love your dog or cat...or because you love the thinking behind innovative ideas that rock the world!

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Introducing PatrickTV – Innovation 3.0

We are delighted to introduce our Global Correspondent, Patrick Meyer, and his premiere episode of PatrickTV, which you'll be able to catch weekly here on Innovation Excellence. These episodes are great examples of what's coming NEXT in business, tech, and innovation 3.0...not to mention a harbinger of another trend - personal web TV channels. Patrick will be covering all kinds of news, trends and events for Innovation Excellence. Welcome Patrick!

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