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How to Market Your Partnerships

Business partnerships are everywhere. The supermarket branded credit card or perhaps the great insurance deal being offered with your new car. These days companies often find it challenging to stand out in an increasingly crowded and sophisticated global marketplace.

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When Do People Care About Privacy?

Privacy: In the tech world, it’s the little-big issue that could. You’ve heard all of the arguments before. With few paid subscription models, it’s difficult to monetize the internet without sacrificing some privacy to advertisers, and even those with paid models would scarcely pass up the chance to harvest and benefit from user data.

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Innovative Data – Numbers Telling a BIG Story

Whether it’s David McCandless waxing eloquent on the TED stage, the NY Times ushering in the age of big data, or new startups racing to carve out a niche in the field, big data is just about everywhere these days. And while big data is being hailed as a potential driver for a better kind of innovation, there’s just a little problem: big data is BIG.

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