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Leaders Need Members – Optimizing versus Maximising

I help businesses innovate their business more quickly than they innovate their products. What that means is I help businesses modernize their leadership to become more coaching and co-constructive. I help businesses create cooperation across silos. I help businesses engage their customers, to co-create their products. And I help businesses to integrate their commercial and their innovation functions, so that ...

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The Unconscious Landscape of Leadership

Leadership: The unconscious landscape of leadership I’m a business consultant. I help businesses innovate more quickly then their products. Often people innovate their products a lot faster than they innovate their business, which means that they keep a traditional business with hierarchical leadership, siloed cooperation, separated commercial and innovation functions, and little regard for the customer. My experience is that ...

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Leadership: Taking Accountability as a Leader

Sound Like a Leader

I often meet businesses where they innovate their products much more quickly than they innovate their business, and they stagnate. They’re not on time for markets. Their leadership is old-fashioned. Their cooperation is fragmented in siloes. The commercial function and the innovation function don’t work together. I help businesses fix that in 28 weeks. One of the things I want ...

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Cooperation in Teams – Contracting Level 1: Administrative Contract

Leading and Managing Teams

One of the things we know is that contracting is very important to create a cooperative relationship. And in the past, we’ve explained what is actually a contract. Now, we’re going to talk about the three levels of contracting and specifically this time, level one. Contracting Level 1: Administrative Contract Level one is how do you create an administrative, what ...

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Cooperation in Teams: What skills do you need to create cooperative teams?

Hi, my name is Sari van Poelje, I’m an expert in agile, innovative design. I fly around the world helping businesses innovate as quickly as they innovate their products. One of the questions I’m often asked is, “What skills do you need for cooperation and especially to create cooperative teams?”Well, we just said, the first skill is contracting. The second is ...

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Cross-Functional Cooperation Breeds Innovation

My name is Sari van Poelje, I’m an expert in agile, innovative design and I’m here to talk to you about cooperation in teams. I’ve been traveling around the world helping businesses innovate as quickly as they innovate their products. And sometimes what I come up against is teams that are not willing to cooperate. Cooperation is really, really important ...

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Team Agility and Business Innovation: Agile Boundary Paradoxes

A new study conducted by Censuswide, sponsored by Ricoh Europe, examines the challenges and opportunities in establishing more agile and flexible businesses. Top of the list is regulation (39%), followed by lack of investment in new technologies (37%) and inescapably rigid internal hierarchies (35%) according to the 2,140 business leaders surveyed. Diez-Aguirre VP Corporate Marketing, Ricoh Europe said: “In today’s ...

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Intuition is Essential for Innovation

Woman blindfolded

In 1996 I conducted a large research program on leadership development. I had been a director in multinationals for a long time, and was frustrated by the lack of behavioural results the leadership curriculum was generating. So I set out to find out what actually helped business leaders to learn. One of the outcomes of the research was that top ...

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