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Lessons from Google's 'Instant'

The Waifish Temptress of Search by Steve Faktor They say dog is man’s best friend. Sure, Fido can fetch your slippers and lick your face in the morning, but so could many of the Kardashian sisters. Even Lassie can’t find Justin Beiber’s favorite color, your weight on Mars, and the best mochachino in Islamabad. For the truly inane and random, ...

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Chris Rock Won't Make You Funny or Innovative

Last week, I spoke at the Front End of Innovation conference about the future of the US economy and where to innovate as a result. In conversations with some of the attendees, I felt like Dr. Phil talking to Sisyphus (the mythological king destined for eternity to roll a huge boulder uphill.) I think I know why. These smart, creative ...

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