Cooperation in Teams – Contracting Level 1: Administrative Contract

Leading and Managing Teams

One of the things we know is that contracting is very important to create a cooperative relationship. And in the past, we’ve explained what is actually a contract. Now, we’re going to talk about the three levels of contracting and specifically this time, level one. Contracting Level 1: Administrative Contract Level one is how do you create an administrative, what ...

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Cooperation in Teams: What skills do you need to create cooperative teams?

Hi, my name is Sari van Poelje, I’m an expert in agile, innovative design. I fly around the world helping businesses innovate as quickly as they innovate their products. One of the questions I’m often asked is, “What skills do you need for cooperation and especially to create cooperative teams?”Well, we just said, the first skill is contracting. The second is ...

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Cross-Functional Cooperation Breeds Innovation

My name is Sari van Poelje, I’m an expert in agile, innovative design and I’m here to talk to you about cooperation in teams. I’ve been traveling around the world helping businesses innovate as quickly as they innovate their products. And sometimes what I come up against is teams that are not willing to cooperate. Cooperation is really, really important ...

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Finally, A Commencement Speech About Innovation and Creativity

Think Big Anyway! That’s what Innovation Excellence contributor Robert B. Tucker advised students when he delivered the commencement address at the University of California, Davis. Given the exponential rate of change and the inability to predict where technology (and their careers) will evolve to, Tucker challenged this group of 500 PhD candidates and innovators to “Think Big, Anyway,” despite the ...

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How Should We Educate Children to Win the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Thriving in the fourth industrial revolution will require nothing short of restructuring public education at all levels, not just K-12. One goal should be to create entrepreneurial schools and universities, and by that I don't mean teaching children how to start businesses. Instead, creating the entrepreneurial mindset is about the pursuit of opportunity with scarce resources with the goal of creating user defined value through the deployment of innovation.

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15 Must Watch TED Talks on Creativity

TED Talk: Let's teach for mastery -- not test scores

While innovation is fundamental to a successful and progressive business, finding time, creativity, and inspiration can be challenging. You may already be familiar with TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design), but in case you are not, it is a media company that hosts talks by thought leader with the purpose of igniting change and innovation. Speakers range from artists, to ...

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Inside Four Decades of Breakthroughs at IBM Research

American industry has a rich heritage of top-notch corporate labs. Bell Labs created not only the transistor, but also other fundamental breakthroughs, such as the laser and information theory. PARC, developed much of the technology we associate with modern computers, such as the mouse and the graphical user interface. Both labs have attained mythical status and rightly so. Yet IBM ...

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