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One Size Doesn’t Fit All Innovation

Recently, I was quite delighted to see my post Integrating Lean Startup and Design Thinking ranked #11 of the Top 100 Innovation Posts 2014 at Innovation Excellence. Once again, I was pondering why this post has been by far the most resonating one I've written up to now.

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Abundance: A Landscape for Change in Healthcare

Imagine what could happen if we changed our mindset and decided to see the possibilities that are right in front of us, in healthcare today, and all we saw was abundance. Business as usual in healthcare is over because we live in an open and connected world. We are living in an era of abundance that demands business agility and human-centered design to survive.

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The Complexity Wakeup Call

The world is only going to get more complicated and move faster. Will you be one of the few keeping up? Have you responded to the wakeup call that has been sounding for business leaders? For the past few years I’ve been talking about and sharing with anyone who will listen – clients, seminar and learning session attendees, keynote audiences ...

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