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To Innovate, Think Differently

By looking at innovation in a collaborative sense, we can harness a new way to stoke ideas, creativity and innovation. A greater percentage of our capacity for innovation comes from the environment and people around us. By bringing in people who think differently than we do, we’re instantly creating a greater ability to think differently.

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Innovator Mindset – Best Problem Solvers Win

I’d like to make the case that life is fundamentally about figuring things out. We enter the world possessing a quite remarkable biomechanical device with powerful software already installed. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) there’s no owner’s manual, not even a schematic or the most minimal specs (which we couldn’t make sense of if we had them). So from the moment ...

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Innovation Essentials – Unlearning

It goes without saying that to successfully innovate, we need to be willing to learn new things. What doesn’t get said as often is that we also need to be willing to unlearn old things—and that’s often the more important task. One of the central challenges innovators manage to overcome is the tendency to cling to past assumptions and beliefs ...

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