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Innovation is Highest and Best Use for Social CRM

Social Customer Relationship Management (aka Social CRM). As a term, it’s freighted with connotations. That second term in particular (CRM). CRM systems have a well-worn set of use cases, strengths and weaknesses. So as a starting point for understanding the possibilities of Social CRM, one has to get past the existing uses of CRM. The Altimeter Group published a well-read ...

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Reinventing Customer Relationships

Are yours updated or out of date? by Holly G. Green Have you taken a serious look at your customer relationships recently? If not, now would be a good time. Recently, IBM polled more than 1500 CEOs, general managers, and public sector leaders around the globe on a variety of topics, including customer relationships. This cross-section of executives represented organizations ...

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It's Time for CRM to Go Social

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is just a fancy name for a customer data management system. CRM systems don’t do anything for most people as a customer. Now it’s time for CRM to get social. Remember 8 years ago every VCs were pouring money into CRM (Customer Relationship Management), I never liked that word. It is a fancy name for some ...

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