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What Religions Can Learn from Microsoft

I have no idea whether making Microsoft products available on just about all platforms will succeed in boosting Microsoft's revenues, but clearly Microsoft has come to realize that a closed system - trying to control people and force them to use your product cannot succeed these days - as people will simply stop using your product.

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Selling Innovation: The Data (chapter 6)

The innovation economy shifts daily. New or updated products and services change the landscape at an ever increasing rate, and occasionally a truly disruptive innovation enters the market forcing incumbents to alter plans while opening up new opportunities for the latest crop of fast followers.

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Research: How Disruption Can Harm Innovation

Disruptive innovation is a good thing, but disruption to the innovation process is not. Our research shows that innovation communication breakdowns lead to significant disruption in the innovation process – yet this is an entirely avoidable situation. This article is the third of a three-part series exploring some of the findings from the latest IX Research report, "The Role of Communication in Successful Innovation."

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