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Flipping the Script on Innovation

“If the Door is Shut, Open it. If the Door is Open, Shut it.” Change of State Innovation In looking for innovations it is sometimes helpful to consider whether your product or service is open or closed.  If it is open what would happen if you enclosed it?  If it is closed what would happen if you opened it?  The ...

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Follow the Leaders of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing – Part One

Although there are simple and cost effective ways to jumpstart your efforts – for example, leveraging a company like InnoCentive to host prize-based challenges in order to rapidly find solutions to your most pressing problems – leading organizations that wish to truly embrace open innovation and crowdsourcing do so through careful planning. When seeking to engage external talent, one of the first of many questions you must first ask yourself is: Why are we doing this? What do we hope that external talent can achieve for us that our internal talent cannot (or should not) achieve, and how do we integrate the two together?

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External Talent Strategies for a Global Talent Pool

The old way of winning the talent wars was to search for and hire the very best talent and keep them inside your own four walls by offering them competitive compensation, benefits, and perks. Your hope was that your talent is better than your competitors’ talent. But over the last couple of decades, companies have increasingly found that employees who pursue what they do with passion will outperform an employee with a gun to their head every time. Circuit City learned very publicly that people are not commodities and went out of business from treating them as if they were.

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