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Stop Innovating!

Do you think they have “innovation days” at Google, GoPro, and Netflix? At these companies, every day is innovation day! At Google, everyone gets 20% time to do whatever he/she wants. Most of Google’s new products and features come from this kind of tinkering and in-house organic hustle. They don’t come from planning or innovation days.

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A New Age Of Disruption

For most of his career, John Antioco had produced nothing but success. Starting out as a trainee working in a 7-11 stockroom, he had risen to the upper echelon of corporate America. When he pulled off impressive turnarounds of Circle K and Taco Bell, many considered him to be a retail genius.

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The Future of TV

For all the talk about cord cutting, viewership remains strong and TV’s share of the ad market is actually higher than it was a decade ago. In fact, the industry is going through a renaissance of sorts, where old models are mixing with new ones to create a vibrant new marketplace for content. For sure, the economics of TV are changing, but for the better.

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