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Sustainable Innovation – a conversation with Alan South of Solar Century

Alan South leads Solar Century, a company dedicated to bring novel and sustainable solar energy products to the world. He has abackground working for IDEO, perhaps the foremost design innovation company in the World. Peter Cook asks about how he has created a climate of innovation at Solar Century and his thoughts on creativity, design and the role of leadership in building an innovative enterprise.

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Innovation Flow – personal mastery explored

Mastery, unconscious competence, effortless genius. These are all ways to describe the state of ‘flow’. At a personal level, innovation excellence relies on our ability to master the state of effortless genius. What can we learn about ‘flow’ from music that we can transfer to the world of innovation and personal excellence?

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Improvisation and Innovation Lessons from Prince

"To reach mastery in improvisation paradoxically requires intensive detailed preparation. What looks like a seamless performance is the result of many hours of preparation and Prince is meticulous in this respect. In business this has been referred to ‘the 10,000 hours effect’ by Tom Peters and, more recently, Malcolm Gladwell.

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