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Growing a Book

A lot of CEOs have this idea that they want to publish a book. And that can be OK. But there are some problems with books. For one, as an economic model, they make Soviet five-year plans look good.

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The Future is Past – Fast

Recently I attended a conference on new media at which one of the speakers cited the Men’s Health iPad app as “the future of publishing.” Everybody (including me) nodded, recognizing how well the magazine has adapted itself to the tablet platform. The app offers not only the ability to view the magazine as it appears in print, but additional features ...

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Seth Godin and Amazon – The Domino Project

Will the Innovation Dominoes Fall and Disrupt the Book Publishing Industry? by Braden Kelley “The enemy is not piracy, the enemy is obscurity.” – Tim O’Reilly I came across a TechCrunch TV interview with Seth Godin today about his future publishing plans. I’ve been wondering what Seth meant when he told me last year at the World Innovation Forum that ...

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