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Role of Personal Branding in Innovation

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal branding, in part because several people have told me that I seem to do it pretty well, in spite of the fact that I would never call myself a personal branding expert or endeavor to make my living as a personal branding consultant. While I think the topic is an interesting one, it is more because I am curious about...

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Will Linkedin push employers' hiring button?

Hidden Significance of LinkedIn’s ‘Apply’ button by Rocco Tarasi There’s something big about LinkedIn’s recent news that no one is talking about yet. According to a report, LinkedIn is expected to announce their “Apply with LinkedIn” button (via GigaOM).  It enables companies to place a button on their websites and online job postings so that applicants can apply by submitting ...

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Re-Recruiting Your Best Talent

Your Best Defense Against Restless Feet by Holly G. Green Suppose one-third of your employees suddenly walked off the job. Think it might impact your ability to serve your customers and achieve your strategic goals? Granted, the odds of every third employee taking a hike all at once are slim. But according to a recent survey conducted by MetLife, 36 ...

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