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Teny Gross #BIF8 Summit: The Importance of Being Civilized

We are kicking of this BIF curated series with a video of #BIF8 Summit storyteller and Executive Director of the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, Teny Gross. As a crusader for nonviolence, Teny and his streetworkers are igniting peace in urban Providence. Never shying away from the hard truths about the violence epidemic worldwide, Teny inspires hope while pulling on your heartstrings.

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Kindergarten is Bad for Innovation

I had the opportunity to participate in the Business Innovation Factory’s always wonderful BIF #7 last week, and like many people who attended I’m still mulling over many of the presentations, ideas and relationships. One short tweet by Saul Kaplan, perhaps a throw-away line, struck me as really important. Saul said he had trouble staying in his “lane”. In fact ...

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