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Innovation Lessons from the Outcome of the Netflix Prize

You probably heard about the contest that Netflix started in 2006 to crowdsource improvements in their recommendation algorithm. They offered a $1 million prize to anyone that could improve the accuracy of the recommendation algorithm by at least 10%. In 2009, a team of people hit the target, and won the prize. Awesome, right? The team got their big check, Netflix got their performance improvement, and everyone ended up happy. Well, sort of.

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Innovation and Diversity

"Tomorrow's management systems will need to value diversity, dissent and divergence as highly as conformance, consensus and cohesion" -- a tweet by Gary Hamel leads Ralph Ohr into the importance of Innovation and Diversity.

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The Semantic Economy

the new web darlings, Instagram andPinterest, have built communities of millions of people in a matter of months, not years and they have done it with a staff that can fit in my living room (which, I might add, is not that big).What’s amazing is that we have come to take things like these in stride. Such events have become not exactly the rule, but not the exception either. In short...

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