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4 Innovation Lessons from the Miami Heat

If you’re a fan of basketball, competition and innovation, you will enjoy this. Before the start of the NBA season, ESPN published a fascinating article about how the Miami Heat’s offense will be reinvented. As you might remember, the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the last year’s NBA Finals.

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Watch Out – Executives Talking About Innovation

I'm upset about all the false promises and hot air I'm hearing right now, and I'm not even talking about the presidential race. I'm talking about all the misguided talk by executives about "innovation". Yesterday's NPR interview with new Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson provides an excellent example. I don't know Scott Thompson and I have no animus toward Yahoo, or for any of its competitors, so what I am about to write should be viewed in the light of a neutral observer trying to wrap his head around some "innovation" claims.

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Focus on Value Creation Instead of Competition

Many marketing people are obsessive about the urgent work of competing rather than the more important work of creating. Brand owners and managers are busy people! They’re busy everyday in back-to-back-meetings. They’re under increasing pressure to create more revenue, and get more stuff done as cost effectively (cheap) as possible. They’re thinking about supply-chain logistics, product development, pricing, channel strategy, promotions, customer service and their competitors.

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